October 11, 2007

More NYFF coverage

Some Cinecultist thoughts on...

* Margot at the Wedding (published on Metromix)

* I'm Not There (published on Metromix)

* Our halfway mark recap on Gothamist

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October 2, 2007


Cinecultist has been writing up a storm lately, just not on this blog. Please click through to check out our hard work. We're quite pleased with all of these endeavors.

2007_10_arts_tominecover.jpgWe interviewed cartoonist and great storyteller Adrian Tomine for Gothamist today. CC really enjoyed his new book Shortcomings, though Tomine's depiction of relationships can be pretty bleak. We were happy to learn that Tomine just got married, so all of that cynical energy isn't debilitating. (We also revealed in our interview that we have the New Yorker cover at right up in our apartment and have already gotten a bunch of response that other folks do too! So there are still some hopeless romantic saps in this town.)

Over on the parenting website Kaboose, Cinecultist recommended taking the kids to see December Boys and Sydney White. Getting paid to think and write about our love for The Bynes? It's a good world, people.

Also, CC is trying to work in as many New York Film Festival screenings as we can. We wrote a feature about the opening night film The Darjeeling Limited for Metromix last week. It was a movie CC had been hedging out bets on, assuming it was going to be as bad or worse than Life Aquatic but we actually found it to be quite charming. So our love for adorable Wes Anderson, his khaki suits and his reluctant quirk continues. This afternoon we're seeing Todd Haynes' Dylan movie I'm Not There and expect to be totally blown away. We also are looking forward to Persepolis which is the closing night film and is showing to press next week. Marjane Satrapi is another one of our favorite authors/illustrators and we're psyched to see her speak at the press conference. Oh and if your were curious, this year our press pass has CC's picture on it not some random other critic. Hooray.