July 23, 2007

When Men Smoked In Meetings and Assistants Were Called Girls

img_home_madmen_cast.jpgCinecultist finally got around to watching our DVR'ed episode of last week's new AMC series Mad Men and boy are we glad we did. This show gives us hope that we will get through the doldrums of the summer television season with our faith in the boob tube intact. Sexy, stylish and oh, did we mention sexy, CC heartily agrees with Nancy Franklin's brief assessment in this week's New Yorker that if "any states [have] legalized marriage between human beings and TV shows...I’m going to throw a few things in a bag and run off with Mad Men." They've only just aired the premiere episode but we're already totally rooting for Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) the not-so-innocent new secretary in the high power advertising firm who's been tossed into the snake pit and have gone gaga for Don Draper (Jon Hamm), her complex creative director boss. CC wasn't familiar with either actor before this show but we predict big, big things for both of them.

If you're not already sold on the gorgeous mid-century production design and the commentary on the burgeoning media complex, let Cinecultist point out again that this is a sexy, sexy show. Maybe it's the nipped in waists and the slicked back hair, or it could be all the talk about sex but CC likey. We can now officially give up pretending to like the stupid Flight of the Conchords even though it's set in our hood and is about our indie peeps. Forget the modern L.E.S., '50s Manhattan nostalgia and Mad Men is the new hotness. Check out a free "Making of Mad Men" special on iTunes and there's video clips on the official site. CC (and our newly minted crush on Jon Hamm) promise you won't be sorry.

Posted by karen at July 23, 2007 8:31 PM
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