January 15, 2007

A Slightly Foggy Golden Globes Crystal Ball

Over on Gothamist today, Cinecultist offered a few predictions for tonight's Golden Globe winners. Making suggestions of winners or figuring out the odds is not exactly CC's strongest suit, even in a year like this one when we've seen about 92% or so of the nominees. Even in the Oscar race, we usually feel like we're stabbing a pencil into a map and calling that our destination when it comes to knowing who will win. Our watchword then on these (probably totally off) picks was the Hollywood Foreign Press's utterly mainstream, middle of the road, most popular kid on the block wins taste. They so often honor actors or their movies or tv shows on what seems like ratings or box office alone, not artistic merit. Not to say that something which is good can't also be popular but not at the rate that the HFPA lauds the Little Miss Sunshines or the Heroes on the ballot. For goodness sakes in '97, they gave the best actress in a Comedy/Musical to Madonna for Evita over Frances McDormand's performance in Fargo.

The Golden Globes airs tonight at 8 pm on NBC, but CC's going to try to focus on the pretty dresses.

Posted by karen at January 15, 2007 2:08 PM