November 15, 2006

CC, the Stars of 'Flannel Pajamas' and a Big Bowl Of Mussels


On Monday, Cinecultist had the pleasure of interviewing Justin Kirk and Julianne Nicholson while they ate lunch in a Tribeca restaurant. Our conversation is now up on Gothamist, and their movie, Flannel Pajamas is now out in New York theaters.

For being so good in such a sad, and intimate movie about how love can die, Justin and Julianne are a pretty silly pair (see our extended discussion of Justin biting Julianne's ass in the trailer). CC can see why they said they had such a great time on the set of this locally shot indie. During our talk, in addition to the movie discussion, we hear a little bit about their respective TV shows (Weeds and Law and Order: Criminal Intent) but unfortunately it slipped our mind to ask Justin the most important question: Where the heck is the 2-season DVD of his WB program, Jack and Jill? Cinecultist totally hearted that show because it was unbelievably cheesy. Plus, look at the careers most of the cast members like Jaime Pressly, Sarah Paulson, Amanda Peet and Ivan Sergei, have had! (We'll just ignore Simon Rex, 'kay?) Surely, this show deserves a home edition box set.

After you see Flannel Pajamas, you will realize the amazing restraint of the Cinecultist for not mentioning Justin Kirk's (very impressive) full frontal nudity scene to him while he was enjoying his pasta with mussels. We are a lady with tact.

Posted by karen at November 15, 2006 9:27 PM