November 13, 2006, It's Better Than Ebay

Vincent Gallo, our favorite exhibitionist/hack/auteur/provocateur, has been a little under-the-radar since the release of his last movie, Brown Bunny in 2003. Shortly after that flick came out, Cinecultist attended a musical performance by Gallo at the blessedly-now-defunct Rothko on the Lower East Side and found him to be as self-aggrandizing on stage as he is on screen. And this was all before Better Than Fudge's Josh pointed us to his eponymous website the other day and Gallo's hilarious email submissions guidelines.

However, what tickled our fancy about Gallo's site is the merchandise section, particularly his Vintage Posters section. For a mere $200, plus $3 shipping and handling, you too can own a poster Vincent has owned, folded, stuck pins in and enjoyed for many years until he decided to sell it online! Not surprisingly, Gallo's collection contains posters for In the Realm of the Senses and other such X-rated classics. Sounds like could be your new holiday one-stop shopping spot.

Posted by karen at November 13, 2006 5:20 PM