February 9, 2006

My She Was Yar


A long stressful day at the Day Job with many more left until a break has the Cinecultist longing for a nice double feature. As a fan of the comedies of remarriage, we noted with glee Symphony Space's The Awful Truth and The Philadelphia Story match up this weekend. The four blissful hours of Cary Grant goodness begins at 4 pm. Sigh. Witty banter, WASPy accents and Katherine Hepburn in some very chic trousers sounds like the ideal way to spend Sunday.

If you can't make it this weekend darlings, there's also going to be a screening of these two on Tuesday, ie. that most evilest of Hallmark holidays, Valentine's Day. Block out the cooing couples and proliferation of message heart candies with serious contemplation of the most important question ever: if you were Katie Hepburn would you choose Jimmy Stewart or Cary Grant? For the record, CC's a Grant girl but we can see the appeal of Jim.

Posted by karen at February 9, 2006 11:11 PM