January 23, 2005

Teen Years Through Rose-Colored Dresses

Pretty In Pink cast

Sigh. Remember when everything in the world seemed possible because Andie Walsh took two ugly, pink prom dresses and then sewed them together into one fabulous '80s confection? Pretty in Pink on TBS is the perfect annecdote to snowed in Sunday here in blizzard central. Molly Ringwald. Andrew McCarthy. Jon Cryer. Annie Potts. James Spader as Stef. Gina Gershon as the gum-chewing, rich girl number two in the gym. God, it's so freakin' awesome.

"I justed wanted them to know they didn't break me."

"You buy everything, Stef. But you couldn't buy her. And that's what's killing you. She thinks you're slime. And deep down, you know it's true."

Coincidentally, our current default iPod playlist contains a cover of "If You Leave," the OMD classic, done by Nada Surf. How our generation loves the ironical covering of classic pop tunes from the late twentieth century. By the way, CC thinks we'll try to start using the phrase "let's plow" in our regular conversations just to confuse people. And because everything Jon Cryer does in this movie as Duckie is just too cute for words. Geeky devotion in rolled sleeve blazers and suspenders with wing tips? So totally hot.

Posted by karen at January 23, 2005 1:42 PM