January 7, 2005

Another Director Talk on Gothamist

Cinecultist spoke today with director Niels Mueller for Gothamist* regarding his new movie, the Assassination of Richard Nixon which stars Sean Penn, Naomi Watts, and Don Cheadle.

We were surprised by how incredibly affecting Penn's performance in this movie. Not that Penn isn't often really great, but it was unexpected how fully he inhabits this deluded loser. When he finally breaks down and hijacks the airplane with the intent to fly it into the White House, killing the supposed source of his problems, Richard Nixon, we can almost see how his passions led him to this conclusion. All the performances in this film are top flight, in particular Michael Wincott who plays Sam's Orthodox tire salesman brother. The scene between these two is one of the most arresting of the year. And you know that's saying a lot, in this Oscar hopeful season.

* We're hoping to do more of these interviews for Gothamist with film people, directors but perhaps also other film professionals. If you are one of these folks, or represent one with a new project coming up, please drop us a line so we can arrange a chat. Thanks!

Posted by karen at January 7, 2005 3:17 PM