August 16, 2004

He Like Bunnies And The Color Brown

Cinecultist is quite excited, as we bought a $19 ticket to see filmmaker/model/provocateur Vincent Gallo on Wednesday night Aug. 25 at Rothko. Apparently, in addition to purchasing billboards over Sunset Boulevard showing himself getting a blowjob, he also is a musician. No kidding. He's put out two records. According to the nice salesperson at Etherea on Ave A, they're "folk-y rock" and that Gallo sings "like Chet Baker," according to our other friend who has seen him perform.

To further peak our interest, the Sunday Times ran this piece about Gallo's tour across America with the film, and they even obliquely referenced our dear Uncle Grambo! NYT unnamed quotation in graf nine buzz, so much hottness.

We promise a full report after Wednesday not that the web isn't littered with Gallo detritus already, but CC imagines we'll be unable to prevent ourselves from some sort of tirade and a weigh-in on the controversy. For now enjoy the following Vincent Gallo Quote For The Day:

"If you go to see The Brown Bunny without hating me or resenting me as a filmmaker then there's a beautiful film there," he said. "But if you can't get past your feelings about me, then you can't see that. Long after I'm dead which is any day now this film will still exist," he added. "I feel much better now that I've placed this piece of work in the world."

Thanks to Jen for the link to VG's eponomous website.

Posted by karen at August 16, 2004 8:03 AM