May 31, 2004

Some Lovin' For People CC Knows

The following are reluctant links reluctant only in that we're jealous of how awesome these people that Cinecultist knows really are.

Margaret Berry of Mighty Girl and a regular contributor to The Morning News attended UCDavis with Cinecultist and was her editor at our daily college paper, the California Aggie (Go Ags!). The digital self-portrait in this recent interview via is worth the click over alone, but it'd also a great way to get familiar with Maggie's unique writing voice if you're not already.

Fellow NYU CS grad Saul Austerlitz has an article this week in the New York Press on up coming summer movie activities and an article on the best first movies by famous directors in this issue of Movie Maker magazine. Saul gives pretentious a good name and is surely a critical voice on the scene worth watching.

Though we've never met in person, reading his writing and e-mails gives Cinecultist the confidence to recommend a new essay over at A Girl and A Gun on Holocaust films.

A few people we know were mentioned in last week's Talk of the Town Ink article on bloggers writing books. Cinecultist is such a media dork that two degrees of separation from mention in The New Yorker actually makes us feel important. Shoot CC now, please. Thanks.

Posted by karen at May 31, 2004 5:37 PM