March 31, 2004

Painful Viewing

Three days in and this challenge -- to watch a Made For TV movie every day this week -- is starting to get a little brutal. Mostly because we had to search around our digital cable to find something that counted as Made For TV and ended up on the Lifetime channel. Lifetime makes Cinecultist feel bad, not because the tear-jerker stories are so moving but that we find them inadvertently funny. Is CC a bad person for giggling when the teen jock with cancer collapses during a backyard BBQ to celebrate his football scholarship? How exactly was Shattered Hearts celebrating women? Corn-fed Luke Moldenhauer finds out he has cancer, he battles it, it battles back and somewhere in there he and his girlfriend, Julie, run off to Vancouver for the week. CC guesses the idea is that chicks like disease movies, especially ones where women stand strong and fight against adversity or discrimination and whatnot. The irony must be pretty deeply entrenched to snicker at that. But if being snarky in the face of a Lifetime melodrama of this low caliber is wrong, CC don't wanna be right.

Remainder: CC has begun contributing to Daily Gusto's new group blog format under the tag Cinecultist, though we will be probably solely writing about non-movie related topics. It may sound confusing, but head over to check out our thoughts on eating at Jean-Georges Vongrichten's Spice Market this past weekend.

Posted by karen at March 31, 2004 8:20 AM