January 14, 2004

Marriage Is For Punks

Ever fear that you've missed something, cinematically speaking? Like there's this (probably) terrible movie out there but you haven't seen it, so maybe it's one of those hidden gems, hated-nay-reviled by the world until you redeem it as good stuff? Okay, even we can hear the eyes rolling in the blogosphere, perhaps this is only a problem encountered by Cinecultist. But something must be to blame for leading us to watch dreck like Just Married last night on HBO, after judiciously avoiding it on the big screen as well as the little up until now. Stupendously stupid -- that's the only way to describe this little Ashton Kutcher/Brittany Murphy gross-out rom com vehicle.

Gawd, remember when they were an "actual couple" and there were pictures of them being all couple-y and junk in US Weekly? Before Ashton and Demi and the whole Punk'd thing, in those innocent halcyon days of our youths ... Can you believe that was only last January? Early 2003? It seems like a lifetime ago, no? Perhaps this movie might be a bit more interesting if you could look at it as an artifact of their celeb love, kind of like a pop cult museum piece such as Far and Away. Rather, it has been striped of its potential meta, it can really only be consumed as it is and thus is not a very fulfilling product. The couple, mismatched of course, travels through Europe destroying stuff and coming to hate each other. Ho hum. Strangely, CC couldn't help noticing having just read this week's EW, that the blonde rich chick/brunette manly man paradigm in the match up of the characters mirrors the dynamic on display in Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachay in MTV's tv show the Newlyweds. Is this some new couple archetype going in our cultural consciousness?

Remainder: Miss Fiona So Much Modern Time (otherwise known as the future Mrs. Elijah Wood) attended the marathon LOTR event at Lincoln Center recently, including Q & As with the director and the cast and has quite an extensive review of it, well worth reading.

Posted by karen at January 14, 2004 8:14 AM