September 28, 2003

We Told You So

Okay, Cinecultist knows that Lost in Translation is getting a bit too much play in the blogosphere. We're expecting the backlash to begin any day now. But for the record, CC thought it was a lovely little picture that had to have some very serious biographical resonance for Ms. Coppola. She admits as much in the following paragraph from her Nostaligia piece in this month's Vogue, which we've excerpted because Vogue doesn't reproduce all of its content online (though is the IMDB equivalent for fashion info).

"I spent my 20s trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I tried everything and was frusterated because I couldn't really find the one thing I wanted to focus on. I went to art school and studied painting, and then got more into photography and doing a little clothing line and designing some more costumes — just trying different things until I made my first short film and really enjoyed it. Making movies combines so many different areas that I like, and it's always really challenging. I enjoy the visual aspect, working with the cinematographer and the costume designer. I get involved in all those details."

OMG, we love Sofia. We even own a t-shirt from that clothing line she designed, Milk Fed, which when we wear it gets all kind of comments. lostsoundtrack.jpgAlso, CC suggests picking up the soundtrack, online or at your local record store, it's lovely. We just bought it the other day and it's a good compliment to the movie viewing experience. And as a bonus, on the end of the Jesus and Mary Chain track "Just Like Honey," you can hear Bill Murray kaoroking "More Than This," a highlight of the film. Now then, we're done with talking about Lost. Consider discussion of it passé

Posted by karen at September 28, 2003 3:50 PM