September 25, 2003

Three Names, No Waiting

sws.jpgCinecultist kinda loves it when actors have three pronounced names, it's so weirdly formal and strangely uptight. Robert Sean Leonard. Sarah Michelle Gellar. Jennifer Love Hewitt. Freddie Prinze, Junior. Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Tiffani-Amber Thiessen. Mary Kate Olsen. But our favorite triumvirate-named actor has to be Seann William Scott. So goofy. Sorta hunky. And everything humiliating he does in the name of slapstick in his movies, from making out with Ashton Kutcher to drinking spunk-laced beer, is more than just a little bit homosexual. He's the type of actor who seems like a Keanu (all surface) but the more you watch him, the more he appears to have unmined depths. (And we only sort of mean that to be an anal play pun.) Although, bear in mind that even with our deep and abiding love of SWS, we have no plans to see his newest movie, which according to's photo gallery was originally titled "Helldorado." Now that's a good title. 'Cause see we have this thing about not respecting actors with only one name....

The "official" Seann William Scott fan listing. A review of his new movie with the Rock, The Rundown by Michael Agger on Slate. He's also set to appear in remake of the French film, Gregoire Moulin Vs. Humanity, a romantic comedy wherein he'll steal a girl's wallet to introduce himself to her "heroically" according to Now that's a movie CC would be excited to see SWS in.

Posted by karen at September 25, 2003 7:58 AM