September 21, 2003

Journalism We Can Use

Despite Cinecultist's embrace of all things Internet and gadgetry related, we do like getting the physical newspaper on our humble East Village doorstep on the weekend. We especially like it when there's something in there we actually want to read. Hence, we bring you the following links -- sacrificing newsprint fingers and potential paper cuts to bring you a few jems of recent journalism.

Part of what makes Sofia Coppola's new movie Lost in Translation so delightful is the way that the non-Japanese speaking audience also feels adrift in translation issues as Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson try to navigate Tokyo. An article in today's Times offers a crib sheet for the hilarious scene where Murray tries to communicate with his director with a translator who's less than effective.

jake.jpgExcuse CC while we wipe up the drool, the Times magazine publishes some delectable pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal in various outfits from Marc Jacobs and Polo for their Men's Fashion of the Times issue. Ehem, our hard copy is otherwise engaged, so we direct you to the link. Isn't he so fetching and devil-may-care leaning against that 2003 BMW Z4? Note to Jakey, we like the beard. Keep the beard after finishing Proof.

And the final link is not really movie related but a wonderful article nonetheless, as a reporter in the Bay Area plays Radiohead songs for a classroom of 5th graders. Then the kids drew pictures inspired by Thom Yorke's music. [link via The Modern Age] Fascinating and creative journalism.

Posted by karen at September 21, 2003 12:35 PM