September 15, 2003

Here At J-Lo Evil Chip Central

JerseyGirl.jpgWe figure we'd be remiss without commenting on the BREAK-UP OF THE CENTURY of the new Liz&Richard, Bennifer, we know we know already old news for those not living under a rock. (Remind Cinecultist when we're in a bold face name couple to not allow for combining of our names? Its just too tacky for anything.) We direct you to the coverage over on because as per usual on the celeb ridiculous front, Uncle Grambo keeps it real. And he's right, this only makes us even more excited for the upcoming release of Jersey Girl. The press junket alone promises to be break-up awkwardness par excellance.

Cinecultist's review of their previously released bomb, Gigli.

Posted by karen at September 15, 2003 6:27 PM