September 11, 2003

Three Cheers for Robert

1-4.jpgThere are few times that PCC wouldn't lead a round of applause for Mr. Robert Redford, but after reading IMDB today, she feels an extra cheer is in order. Redford is known for encouraging independent filmmakers and artists in general, especially through his annual Sundance Film Festival (yes, we know, it's become a commercial stampede of late but we can't (or won't) blame that all on the Sundance Kid). Redford is now urging President Bush not to cut any more money from the arts. Yes, those of us who have any brain at all realize that cutting the arts from schools is a bad, bad thing. But it can't hurt to have the message come from one such as our friend Robert, right?

Posted by jordan at September 11, 2003 10:55 AM