September 3, 2003

Four Classic Fassbinders

fassbinder.jpg We hate to be the sort of cinecultist to deliver absolute pronouncements about Taste and The Canon, and with our recommendations of certain actors you may not believe us anyhow, but really, if you haven't seen any movies by Rainer Werner Fassbinder you must. Fortunately for those who missed the excellent retrospective at Film Forum this last year, the Sundance Channel is doing a mini-fest this month every Wednesday night at 9pm. Tonight's Veronika Voss, followed by The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant, CC's fav Ali: Fear Eats the Soul and concludes with The Marriage of Maria Braun. Amazingly prolific and responsible for rejuvenating world-wide regard for German cinema, Fassbinder's work is so lovely, creepy and not a little bit sad that the films' emotional resonance can make them surprisingly accessible, even if you don't consider yourself a cineaste familiar with his host of references (Douglas Sirk and classic Hollywood cinema being major ones). Fassbinder loved movies and that's blatantly evident when one sits down with these wonderful films.

Posted by karen at September 3, 2003 9:28 PM