September 3, 2003

Best Laid Plans

Not that we haven't been caught in the rain before (last night, in fact on the way home from the Bowery Ballroom), but Cinecultist is sorta bummed that the weather promises to continue in its drizzling fashion because we'd love to sneak in another outdoor movie before summer flees for good.

Maybe later in the week, we'll be able to head out to the grandaddy of outdoor space in New York, Central Park. This year the park turns 150 and to celebrate there's been all sorts of events, including the Central Park Film Festival held this week (Sept 3-7) featuring a slew of New York-y movies like Annie Hall and Ghostbusters. Imagine if Woody had tried to use self-depricating jokes to catch the State Puff marshmellow man, now that would've been a classic.

Posted by karen at September 3, 2003 8:56 PM