September 2, 2003

2-Lane Wha?

Another foray into the wonderful world of 70mm film last night as Walter Reade Theater wraps up its series of Widescreen Films, with Two-Lane Blacktop, perhaps the oddest little movie Cinecultist has seen in a long time. Starring James Taylor and "the cute one" from the Beach Boys, Dennis Wilson, Two-Lane is the ultimate surreal road movie as Taylor, billed as The Driver, crosses country in his souped up hot rod racing people and generally being a nomad.

Taylor's not much of an actor, he's seen fire and rain but has some difficulty calling a fellow racer a "motherfucker," but he does have this intriguing intensity that started to get to Cinecultist by the end. Although, is it just CC or do people in existential movies not speak nearly enough? There's a lot of staring, some random kissing and no real chatter. We live for chatter, so CC doesn't really get this. Warren Oates, who plays their pathological liar racing nemisis in a GTO, has huge teeth. Distractingly huge teeth. CC doesn't recommend this movie but we do thank Jose for dragging us to it, it really makes our life so ordinary but in a good way, filled with chatter we can understand.

Posted by karen at September 2, 2003 8:01 AM