August 14, 2003

Outdoor Cinema In Queens

DSCN0266.JPGCinecultist traveled to darkest Queens (with our only friend who could get us to venture this far into the boroughs, W) Wednesday night for a little summer outdoor movie watching. Socrates Sculpture Park and American Museum of the Moving Image have been doing this Wednesday night series, On The Waterfront: Celebrating The Cultural Diversity of Queens and tonight's movie was Mira Nair's Monsoon Wedding.

An Indian funk band played as the sun set, and a local Indian restaurant provided tasty vegetarian dishes to put the audience in the culinary mood. Projecting a pretty nice 16mm print spooled onto one enormous reel to allow the projectionist the luxury of no dual projector change-overs (although there were a few minor soundtrack splice issues), the only draw back to the picturesque setting were the aggressive East River mosquitos. CC's seen Monsoon Wedding a few times now and this delightful family picture still completely engages. We particularly love Vijay Raaz as wedding planner P.K. Dubey, who has a penchant for munching on marigolds and who's romance of Alice is so very charming.

Next week's (Aug. 20) film will be Black Cat, White Cat by Emir Kurturica and begins at 8 pm. Well worth the trek out there on the N or W train and the 20 minute walk to the park from the train. Promise.

Posted by karen at August 14, 2003 3:30 PM