August 13, 2003

Happy B-Day Hitch!

bdayhitch.jpgIf the old boy were alive today, he'd be 104. And would probably want to dish out an ass kicking to Gus Van Sant. A few Hitchcock favorites for the Cinecultist staff:

Best Film:
Notorious (PCC -- For awhile, the longest continuous kiss on film), Marnie (CC -- If you have to bite anyone, bite me Furio!)

Most Overrated:
North By Northwest (PCC), Strangers on a Train (CC)

Torn Curtain (both -- Paul Newman and Julie Andrews in a thriller together seems like a good idea...)

Most Interesting Works of Criticism on the Fat Man:
Robin Wood's Hitchcock's Films Revisited (PCC)
Tania Modleski's Women Who Knew Too Much (CC)
Francois Truffaut's Hitchcock (both)

Google's icon today when clicked on reveals an Alfred Hitchcock search. In 1999, NYU's Cinema Studies hosted a conference for Hitchcock's centenary and resulted in a collection of essays to mark the occasion.

Posted by karen at August 13, 2003 4:41 PM