August 9, 2003

Craig's List: The Movie

We know that movies about the internet are so-very-2001 but Cinecultist has to say we're sort of excited about the idea of a docu on Craig's List. Produced by Zealot Pictures, the movie will follow a day (Aug. 4, 2003) in the life of people who use the site, including a posting for a flash mob(!). One thing's for sure, this movie has to be more compelling than Can we say "navel-gazing?" [via Gawker]

[Ed. -- we'd like to take this opportunity to direct our readers to Black Table's Week in Craig column, currently penned by Amy Blair. While not related to movies, this roundup of Craig's List postings is freaking hi-larious and CC is official addicted to consuming it every darn week.]

Posted by karen at August 9, 2003 1:48 AM