July 9, 2003

La BÍte dans la Belle

belledejour.jpg It was so hot and so humid Monday night that CCC, taking advantage of a roomie at work, decided to strip to his skivvies and cool down with a cold beer and an icy blonde. C3 had bought Bunuel's Belle de Jour last summer, but didn't have a enough free time to watch it (yes, yes, life is a fast moving stream of soon forgotten moments). It must be said, firstly, that CCC did not find Belle de Jour, apparently one of cinema's erotic classics, remotely erotic. Secondly, CCC is not into sado-masochism (despite a desire to read Venus in Furs), so that may be the explanation for the non-sexual feelings towards the movie.

Deneuve, however, was quite brilliant. She manages to make a slight smile into a shriek of delight. Said smile usually occurs after someone has been a little rough with our oui French maiden, but the heart's desire cannot be governed by society. Deneuve's performance, along with a recent viewing of Nicholas Roeg's Don't Look Now, made CCC wax nostalgic on the good ol' days of yore when real celebrities would shed their clothes and take on interesting roles that maybe, just maybe, their target demographic of 18 to 49 year-olds might find a tad bit off-putting. The only other current example that I could think of where one or more major stars engaged in a sex scene that was most clearly about more than sex was the one between Halle Berry and the BBT in Monster's Ball. A quick glance here just seems to prove C3's point (Mulholland Drive does not count, because, admit it, you had no clue who the hell Naomi Watts or Laura "Torpedo Boobs" Harring were). Of course, this breaks out a whole new woeiscinema discussion about everything that's different now. Too bad CCC is too lazy and stupid to write about it. You, however, can feel free to write in the comments on sex scenes between one or more established celebrities that you feel compares, or a movie where an established celebrity took a role like Ms. Deneuve's in Belle de Jour.

Posted by josh at July 9, 2003 8:03 PM | TrackBack

If we're looking for sex scenes where in we can never look at that actor in the same way again, I'd have to say Basic Instinct's rape/back-door penetration by Michael Douglas of Jeanne Tripplehorn really upset me when I saw it. Now there's sex that has more to do with power than sexiness/hotness. I thought he was super ick for ages, and that was before he impregnated CJZ.

Posted by: karen at July 11, 2003 1:06 PM

Hmm..having not seen Basic Instinct, I can't comment, but I'm talking about explicit sex scenes with celebrities (that would have something to lose), wherein the sex isn't gratuitous and lame. Obviously, gratuitous and lame are opinions, but use your best judgement.

As for the celebrities being in Deneuvian roles, I'm talking about Secretary having starred Julia Roberts, or Crash starring earlier in their careers Holly Hunter and James Spader. Though that's a goodish example, as might be Sunshine, with Ralph Fiennes, but neither of those were really marketed to big audiences (which is different than being made for big audiences).

Posted by: Josh at July 11, 2003 6:12 PM