June 28, 2003

Movie People Blogs

When CC attended the Ethan Hawke tribute last month, the celebrity/movie person that was the most exciting to see was Richard Linklater, the indie auteur from Texas. Two years ago, CC saw him discuss his fascinating animated feature, Waking Life at the New York Film Festival along with star/collaborator Wiley Wiggins. Wiggins is very charming, both on screen and on a panel answering sort of inane audience questions. He expresses himself very well (more so than one might expect from watching him as drunk teenager in Dazed and Confused, say.) CC discovered a link to his personal site (via whatevs.org) and wouldn'tyouknow, Wiley has a personal blog called News of the Dead. There's photos, writing and other Wiley-related film stuff on the site.

Cinecultist finds this fascinating, the amount of stuff people will put on the web about themselves. It makes online faux-stalking so much easier. Wil Wheaton, former child star of Star Trek, also has a personal blog that's quite popular. If you know of any other celeb/quasi-celeb blogs send them along, we'd love to compile a list.

Posted by karen at June 28, 2003 12:41 PM