June 26, 2003

More Outdoor Cinema

Every Friday through September, Rooftop Films will be screening a variety of short and long features on top of a roof in Brooklyn. This is the sort of grassroots screening space that Cinecultist loves to hear about because it's real cinephiles taking to the streets (or roofs) and showing what they want to show, mainstream cinema be damned. Fight the power, and all that. They even have a manifesto. The entrance donation is $6 but they also have a subscription program, and it seems that their programming is quite diverse with evenings devoted to African cinema, movies from Texas and even an anti-American festival on July 4th. Atop the OfficeOps building on 57 Thames Street in Brooklyn sounds like a good place to be during one of these New York summer nights. [via DailyCandy]

Posted by karen at June 26, 2003 12:30 PM