June 20, 2003

What To Watch

What would the smell of summer blockbuster hype be? Coconut sunscreen flavored popcorn? Anyhow, it's in the air without a doubt. Let's break it down from most bloated to least.

It Must Be Spandex
At least that's the thinking of EW's Lisa Schwarzbaum in regards to how the Hulk's pants stay on when he expands in size. Things in the film's favor: directed by Ang Lee (and supposedly the inspiration for the CGI Hulk's facial expressions), starring the gorgeous Jennifer Connelly (we liked her in Requiem for a Dream). More questionable elements: Nick Nolte doing his crazy man thing and Eric Bana trying to be a superstar. Everyone and their aunt will be there this opening weekend. Will you?

What's it about, From Justin to Kelly? Some say young love blossoming during Spring Break. Cinecultist says, another way for the money whores to cash in on this American Idol fanaticism. We're not on the bandwagon yet, but we did rent On the Line and Crossroads, so it's not like we're not open to being persuaded. And we like musicals.

Sap & More Sap
Kate Hudson and Luke Wilson sap up the big screen with this new Rob Reiner chick flick, Alex & Emma. Cinecultist loves this junk, but it really is terribly cliche of us. Our previous thoughts on the subject say it all.

Not the Sequel to Sandra Bullock Alcoholism Movie
28days.jpgDanny Boyle brings his tale of post-apocalyptic zombies to our side of the pond, 28 Days Later. We like Danny Boyle, despite the Beach debacle but CC is sort of wary of scary movies. Okay, so we refuse to see them for fear of nightmares. CC's former roommate, L, will have to give us a full report because with the creepy looking previews we don't think we can bring ourselves to do it.

Francis Ford Produces
A film perhaps worth seeing for the visuals alone, The Legend of Suriyothai, one that recalls the sweeping spectacles of Cecil B. DeMille. Though drama and narrative continuity may be questionable, how often does one get to watch a film directed by a Thai prince? A.O. Scott gives it a mixed bag but supposedly it's the highest grossing film in Thailand ever and they're already planning the sequel. That could mean something, but we're not sure what.

Can't Get Enough of Claire
The art cinema critic circuit is raving about the newest Claire Denis film, Friday Night, so perhaps this is the best bet for the high art fans. Amy Taubin loved it. Though David Denby did not. Jim Hoberman seems to be torn. Perhaps it's time for you to weigh in.

All in all, avoid J2K and Alex & Emma if you can. PCC will be at Whale Rider and CC will be at Cluny Brown at Film Forum. Full Reports to follow.

Posted by karen at June 20, 2003 2:07 PM