June 20, 2003

Netflix Wish List

Cinecultist has been noticing lately that a lot of bloggers post their Amazon Wish Lists (such as the lovely So Much Modern Time). Except that if you've followed the above link, you can see Cinecultist hasn't worked on her wish list in a while (we already own copies of Pride and Prejudice and 10 Things I Hate About You, just in case you were looking to send us a gift. Hinthint.). As for the Netflix Queue, now that's Cinecultist's recent online obsession du jour and more fitting for Cinecultist.com public airing. Here's a few films soon to be sent to Cinecultist eager DVD player (is it too strange to write in third person and anthropomorphize your electronics?).

Irma Vep (a second viewing of Maggie Cheung in vinyl catsuit. Meow.)
Butterfield 8 (Liz Taylor fest continues)
Happy Together (Tony Leung, *sigh*)
The Straight Story (David Lynch as a G-rated director? Intriguing)
Andrei Rublev (always wanted to see it)
The Lady From Shanghai (Orson, do it to me one more time)
Picnic at Hanging Rock (Australian new wave)
Heavenly Creatures (More Australian auteurism)
Mommie Dearest (No More Wire Hangers! Need to see the whole thing through after catching the end on tv)
Faces (Cassavettes classic that's still on the to see list)

Cinecultist thinks she's left years of her life in the aisles of Blockbuster wandering around figuring out what to watch. Now, we have a handy-dandy way to keep track of what we've been meaning to see and it arrives in our mailbox, no less. Not to be a commericial for the service or anything, but we love it. Check it out if you haven't yet.

Posted by karen at June 20, 2003 11:31 AM