June 13, 2003

One More Peck Masterpiece for the Record


In addition to CC's admirable list of must-see Gregory Peck films, PCC wishes to add one more, Alfred Hitchcock's 1945 film, Spellbound. Coming in a close second for PCC's favorite Hitch films of all time (trailing only the marvelous Notorious, 1946), Spellbound pairs Peck with the supremely talented Ingrid Bergman, as an amnesiac doctor/murder suspect and a frigid psychoanalyst, respectively. Though the film is a bit heavy on psychoanalysis (supposedly producer David O. Selznick wanted the film to be based on his own experiences in therapy...control issues, anyone?), the lead performances are magnificent. Only Peck could make a suspected murder look so sexy, yet vulnerable. It's no wonder that Bergman's Dr. Petersen began to thaw when Peck's John Ballantine came on the scene. In addition to the strong performances by Peck and Bergman, the film also boasts an incredible dream sequence designed by Salvador Dali. Though PCC does not yet own it (due to the steep price), the Criterion Collection reissue of Spellbound looks amazing, with special features such as an illustrated essay on the Dali dream sequence and hundreds of rare behind-the-scenes photos and publicity material for the film. If you don't want to shell out $40 just yet for the Criterion DVD, rent the regular one and you won't be sorry.

Posted by jordan at June 13, 2003 12:25 AM