June 11, 2003

Renee To Gain Weight

One of the biggest publicity aspects of the push to promote the film Bridget Jones's Diary was the story on Renee Zellewegger's battle to gain weight for the role. This really gets Cinecultist hoping mad, and she can't believe the brouhaha has begun again.

First off, in Chicago and then in Down with Love, the allegedly "normal sized" Renee looks literally emasciated. CC walked out of DWL and wanted to find Renee so she could force feed her a baked potato. Girl needed some carbohydrates, and STAT. Following the release of the first Bridget movie, Renee posed in an elaborate spread for Vogue magazine, where she wore a variety of couture outfits made especially for her prior to that year's Fashion Week. As though to prove to the world of fashion and celebrity that objects may appear larger on the silver screen. Since then, she has seemed to be the incredible shrinking woman.

The reasons all of this media posturing irk CC so much are two fold. One) it goes against all that Helen Fielding's creation of Bridget Jones stands for. Bridget is against all the fuckwittage that revolves around women being told to be a certain size by society, and though she stresses out about it, she comes to realize she shouldn't when achieving her ideal weight means she has less fun. Two) CC used to like Renee, back when she was this indie actress from Texas. She was down to earth, talented and cute despite being compared in looks to Jewel one too many times. Now she's all about free meals at Nobu and making faces like a constipated Marilyn Monroe. Doesn't she know Marilyn was a size 16?

Edge of Reason is a pretty funny sequel to a wonderful character and CC really doesn't want to see it tarnished by Renee's lame behavior. Shape up girl, that's all we have to say about it.

Posted by karen at June 11, 2003 2:05 PM