June 6, 2003

Does Misery Really Love Company?


PCC isn't quite sure why she rented Misery. Perhaps it was a subconscious desire to see the talented Ms. Kathy Bates in something other than the previously railed upon "comic tragedy", Love Liza. Perhaps it was because of the previous night's viewing of AFI's wonderfully mindless '100 Heroes, 100 Villains' special, where Bates' Ms. Wilkes ranked number 17 (amusingly paired with Mr. Clint's 'heroic' Dirty Harry). Regardless the reason, PCC sprawled on her couch in her un-airconditioned house in the 90+ degree heat and watched crazed Annie torture poor James Caan for two hours. If PCC was a)employed in 1990 when the film was released and b)working in Hollywood writing taglines for films, she's pretty sure Misery's would have something to do with Kathy Bates, remote cabins and a big ol' can of whup-ass. Sadly, at the tender age of 8, PCC was not in the running for any jobs other than perhaps manning a lemonade stand.

While Misery focuses on an obsessive fan of romance novels, PCC would hazard a guess that there are just as many film nut-jobs out there today plotting ways to get their favorite actor/actress/director to arrive, bruised and beaten, on their doorstep, where they could then "nurse them back to health". Sure, most of us cinephiles are normal folk, with the occasional star crush or favorite director of the moment, and we wouldn't dream of hobbling our own personal Adrien Brodys or Martin Scorseses with a sledge hammer. But PCC bets that on the fringes of the land of imaginary star boyfriends and girlfriends lurk those people who would, at a moment's notice, turn their spare bedroom- in the backwoods cabin they were saving for just such a kidnapping moment- into a prison for their favorite star. Of course, these weirdos are a small minority of the film-going public. But if PCC ever becomes a famous [fill in the blank], she will steer clear of any slightly frumpy middle-aged women proclaiming to be PCC's "number one fan".

Posted by jordan at June 6, 2003 2:49 AM