June 4, 2003

Ethan Hawke: Boy Needs a Baked Potato

On a rainy Tuesday night, Cinecultist pulled out her trusty little black dress and headed down to the Lincoln Center for the Young Friends of Film tribute to Ethan Hawke after party. Here's a few things that we saw:

Some celebs -- Ethan obviously (in tux, looking a little gaunt with his Auschwitz-chic hair do), Vincent D'Onofrio (sexy/creepy as ever, story is he arrived 20 minutes early, then insisted upon waiting downstairs in his car labeled "Law and Order" until more celebs arrived), Steve Zahn (adorable, the hit of the tribute), director Richard Linklater (nice goatee, almost asked him to "hook a girl up with Willy Wiggins' digits. But didn't.), Robert Sean Leonard (three first names - no waiting, wearing a weird jean jacket with the title of his current play on the back, geeky-chic?).

Notably absent -- Uma. What couldn't find a babysitter? Shooting a film? Not a fan of your husband's early work like Mystery Date?

Mostly, CC stood around inhailing the free food (here's how you know you're an adult: will put things in your mouth without really knowing the ingredients) and drink while chatting with some good people from Film Comment. By the way, CC likes Tanqueray, they must have co-sponsored the event along with Guess because by the end of the evening the gin and tonics were more gin than tonic.

To cap off the evening, CC took home one of the goody bags which included --
A catalog of Guess clothing (mostly arty pictures of slutty looking girls), copy of Film Comment featuring Renee Zellweger on the cover, copy of Ethan's book, Ash Wednesday, copy of NFT: Not For Tourist's Guide to New York City, a free yoga class at Practice Yoga on W. 83rd, 25% off my next Guess purchase, a Guess pocket calendar, discount at Solo Fitness, $100 off my next purchase of $350 at Michael C. Fina on Fifth Ave, the Wall Street Journal Online 60 day site subscription and a tin of Guess mints flavor cinnamon. Item we'll probably use the most -- those cinnamon mints.

Posted by karen at June 4, 2003 11:10 AM