June 2, 2003

Gallo Gets Nasty

Just when you thought gossip about Cannes might die down... Page Six reports today that director Vincent Gallo has taken off the white gloves re: Roger Ebert and his report that Gallo apologized for his film panned at Cannes (he.he. that rhymes!), Brown Bunny.

Gallo calls Ebert "a fat pig" (as evidence Page Six prints a picture of the critic to accompany the story? Ouch.), claims he was very pleased with the final product, says his quotes were made up, and apologizes for not being a "minority." Can we say, Cashed-the-Distribution-Rights-Check-Already? Gallo has the right to be provocative and/or a jerk but doesn't he have some sort of publicist counciling him not to piss off one of the widest-read critics in middle America? If I were Ebert I would not conscience this flagrant name calling. I see a serious throw-down on the horizon here. [via Gawker]

Posted by karen at June 2, 2003 12:50 PM